Wednesday, December 09, 2020

We're Getting Busy (Part Seven)

Check us out, we're getting busy!! nosy? Just trying to hear the word on the curb!!

....kept our ear to the street! one step ahead of the Matrix architect alt / shift / delete; appetites we curb

Out here getting busy cashing Reality Checks and making sound effects breakbeat scientific is how we’ll creep..
Aural effects? sensory overload! O-Dizzle mentioned the information overload now some are missing that peaceful sleep
Aural effects? what? Sonic Assaults are unleashed like it was function at the junction before the pandemic?

Some functions are still held, whoa! so how are you trying to roll? now heads will roll, it's academic..

HumpDay Extravaganza? Oh yeah! We’re getting busy, as we get over the hump like its the middle of the week.

Trying to get over the hump like Superfly per Curtis Mayfield but meeting opposition; haters will snitch like Wikileaks.

Unlike Trump losing the election  winning 
and losing streaks are dealt with!! this too shall pass was the knowledge given by old girl!

Meanwhile a bruh streaks across the universe
 in uncharted territory; I was tired of the old world 

 Drama continues to unfurl but we’re getting busy trying to stay positive..

The saga / struggle continues as I like to say as we continue to get busy! We’re on top of this!

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