Friday, December 04, 2020

We’re Getting Busy (Part Five)

Check us out as we're putting work in; you can say we're getting busy on this Flashback Friday
It's not Thanksgiving Day that was last week but we're counting blessings not mad about purchases on Black Friday..
...or Cyber Monday or Cyber Week; this black man will not play it that way not stressing that but rolling like a merchant with these Clearance Rack Epiphanies 
Hyper when the music plays! streaming through the universe aka I-20 in Atlanta the gateway to universe we're getting busy some know what the deal is with these!
Clear the runway we're getting busy!! but an ATL player is flabbergasted! they waited in the dark with a bruised bouquet  

What's the story? like Trump's election loss denial it's a quarter past too late; meanwhile my constituents are abused by the visible and invisible hate  

Blatant and subliminal but per Flashback Friday the fake criminal was still trying to bum a quarter; a quarter won't last!! the balls not spinning around long..  

We’re the slot machine; what? not winning? still getting busy getting the machine set, working it all out!! I told the slackers peace out / so long!

Out there? not scene without a mask on plus I'm social distancing, Covid 19 numbers are sky high!! Biden says he'll ask Dr Anthony Fauci for advice..

Vaccines on the way per these corporations while Trump is trying to abort operations on the way out the door; he's trying to do too much, "it ain't nothing nice"

But we're on the scene getting busy too, we're like everybody else out here we're "going through" but we're not quitting / stopping..

Flashback Friday / Fabulous Friday business is handled, we're good word and good music dropping!!

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