Saturday, March 26, 2022

Equilibrium (Part Nine)

 Prevailing winds or actually conditions can easily knock you off balance!

Sailing through the universe on the mothership, but hustles are knocked in local, national, international and intergalactic frontiers as their constituents show malice. 

This is no Mamby Pamby Land or Alice In Wonderland situation it’s easy to lose your equilibrium!

It’s all about freedom,  some say they have it; I see them but wouldn’t want to be them.

I can see what some are saying; visualizing the sequence, on the farm? even the scarecrow’s hunger was evident.. ….as his tattered clothes fall off his frame; check the juxtaposition, the homie down by the Five Points MARTA station here in Atlanta looked the same way!! it's like this and like that on so many levels!! the status of lack of meals was evident. In the cornfield out there off of I-64 in Illinois before you get to St. Louis or even in East Saint Louis I spotted the face that’ll contort with anguish.. Blessed in the city and the field was the word from Fred Hammond but haters won’t yield; mockingbirds / crows / pigeons harass them like it’s all a big game.

In the meantime and between time this dude was trying to regain his equilibrium, getting free and staying free!! might spot me scuba diving down in aquamarine heavens.

Or driving the mothership all out there by Pluto or Mars, by now y'all should know those are Scorpio’s home planets!! I’m intergalactic out in the heavens! A brotha gets breakbeat scientific going for what he knows per regaining equilibrium, astral traveling like Pharoah Sanders, getting there. Getting there!! regaining our equilibrium like we're back down to earth, a veteran but what’s it worth? like Putin's war in Ukraine some of these earthlings won’t play fair.

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