Monday, March 07, 2022

The Derailment (Part Eight)

 The train of thought was rolling on this Monday morning, but some were like Vladimir Putin pulling up on Ukraine drunk off the power leading to an impairment!

Now the train of thought has rolled off the rails, diplomacy fails now check out the derailment!

The mainstream media will run and tell it or even spin it,  of course social media will do its thing!

Twitter / Facebook / Instagram or even Truth Social? excuse me for being anti-social still social distancing! it’s not over, Covid 19 is still doing its thing!

This train of thought is still rolling for O-Zone it hasn’t derailed yet; catch me out by Mars, it’s Scorpio’s home planet. You probably caught me out there on the mothership with a devoted celestial companion. Tastes of perfection? working it all out, getting the machine set! fantastical machinery transported me! Haters trying to derail it? oh you know they are!! work is put in by these fanatical earthlings!! we dipped / we left them, fortunately.

"It ain’t nothing nice"; it's not sweet like honey, one of the many tastes of perfection.

"It ain’t nothing nice"; bitter to some like some coming undone, check the train of thoughts derailment due to pain / suffering.. ..even grieving; some have even stopped believing / stopped waiting on it all to decrease.. aka asking the big question that a lot are asking; when will the madness cease?

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