Friday, March 18, 2022

Tripping Out / Flipping Out (Part Eight )

 Digital Crate Digging Continues, on a Flashback Friday! we’re not tripping out  but we’re pausing for the cause because we’re down for the cause, check the vibe. 

The system is rigging things up like these gas prices plus we need rebates from paying dues / high prices; some are flipping out but we're on the case dropping this good word schooling the tribe..

George Clinton  Atomic Dog type of shenanigans tell this tribe's stories: we’re coming through with sounds from O-Dog with WBRO aka Brotha O Radio so act like you know bro!!

We're  staying low due to dealing with  these Officer Flanagan types from Louisville where David McAtee and Breonna Taylor can’t get justice to where your hometown is so act like you know bro!

But some act like they don’t know; dude was tripping out told me he sold his fortune, all he had worked hard to acquire! so what's the deal? now he’s on his way to the casino and the racetrack.
Spotted up at Churchill Downs in Louisville; said he’ll double his money, to the top? he said he’ll get back. It’s ethereal, the way he feels like he was flipping out but check out how it goes down; it all went sideways. Trying to chill; but capers were pulled, Real Deal Holyfield! soon he was locked down! visiting hours uplift him in correctional facilities.

That’s the deal! priorities shift per the paradigm shift; I was reminded of it staring at this mornings Full Moon in Virgo.

That’s some real Flashback Friday business, tripping out on past episodes but soon I’m back to the future reminding myself I’ve got work to do…

…here in the present even though I’m retro futuristic; not flipping out, I realize it’s a blessing to be here…

…on what I refer to as a Fabulous Friday also; I already told you we’re down for the cause bro! we’re taking it there!

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