Tuesday, March 29, 2022

What It Do? They Still Felt The Pressure (Part Two)

 We’re coming through on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way, we’re focused on the terrific outcome!

What it do? some of us will feel the pressure, the devil and his advocates want to see us come undone!

Oh! we’re worried about the outcome like Russia invading Ukraine, feeling the pain as the the shadowed rain fell through the tree.

Across the street? a sun shower, sunshine and rain simultaneously creating a blue / green scene, is it a hopeful sign we see? Add red to it for the rainbow; I’m sure y’all know how the story goes! if I had my way I’d ride to the end of it. Retrieve the pot of gold, I actually tried it so this story is old; still feeling the pressure, so I’ll end it. 

Best believe me and my constituents felt the pressure, but the troll under the bridge blessed us.. ..with slightly used lullabies, he wasn’t humming and bumming with a bunch of lies plus he didn't fuss or cuss! Well, the lullaby was popular even my grand babies like to sing it; a bad version of Let It Go from Frozen was heard.. I don't think Idina Menzel would be proud of him, but from Ukraine to Atlanta to Melbourne to NYC? that song is heard!

Was it a message for those of us that felt the pressure? no need to pimp slap anyone like Will Smith did Chris Rock!

The message was received by us as we continue / proceed to do this breakbeat scientific poetic justice plus the sound will rock!

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