Thursday, March 10, 2022

The Derailment (Part Ten)

 The train of thought is still rolling, but I’m staying on point; the apparatus wants to see us come undone / they want to see a derailment. 

Maintaining! maintenance schedules followed  plus life is enjoyed; exhilarating / intoxicating but there’s no impairment!

The train of thought is rolling out on I-20 in Atlanta per these Chronicles! Pisces season almost over the Spring Equinox is almost here, soon hearing honeysuckle whispers…

…as winds of change blow; leading to a derailment? oh, change is coming it’s more than an empty promise. An abomination? for some it could be if change is resisted but for others it’s more like a blessing, a resurgence. A nomination to improve our situation? that candidate O-Zone will approve this message soon we're back on the set again, it’ll be a reemergence!

Not a reemergence like like Vladimir Putin trying to restore the Soviet Union per Russia dealing with Ukraine! for what it’s worth, we’re not trying to run another fool’s errand.
But there is a sense of urgency, per Throwback Thursday; wondering about the time wasted on this earth, some heard the whispers of the autumn… …season of life, soon they’ll hear the loud talk from winter; similar to a polar vortex? No resurgence! there might even be a derailment, now urgently saying the sport is complex.

Another sense of urgency? check the activity as Thankful Thursday vibes are exhibited, it’s a blessing to be here!

What will the work be? trying to keep the train of thought on the tracks, avoiding the derailment but O-Zone will have to run and tell it; it’s rough out here!

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