Thursday, March 31, 2022

What It Do? They Still Felt The Pressure (Part Three)

 I asked them what it do? I was using the old school hip hop vernacular on this Throwback Thursday. 

They told me that they still felt the pressure, society acts like the pandemic is over but then I told them I was still trying to get over but nobody would work with me!

Considered old school, like floating in an old German zeppelin aka the old hooptie / Chevy Impala rolling down Bardstown Road in Louisville listening to Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin! Unique, I had to do my own thing per Isaac Hayes a veteran in the game running these plays ignoring old school and new school shenanigans. What it do? these are next school endeavors but in this world per Trump insurrections and other imperfections are plots, schemes and decadent dreams considered the norm? Not on those teams, these are next level embellishments I’m trying to stay out of the storm.

What it do? we still felt the pressure even though it’s a Thankful Thursday and we’re grateful to be here but some need validation saying tell me I’m okay, it seems my timing is off.

What it do? they still felt the pressure due to hustle knocks by information overloads and disordered clocks, it’s all off! The train of thought derailed caused by time aka the wall creature’s usual antics / features? just shenanigans! Pained thoughts by one of my constituents? said he’d take his time, he’ll stall him; but he was moving to slow, soon he’s arrested by Officer Flanagan.

We came with sonic assaults plus this good word for those asking, what it do?

We still felt the pressure but we govern ourselves accordingly per the old school Baptist preacher up in Louisville’s advice; we act like we knew!

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