Monday, March 28, 2022

Equilibrium (Part Ten)

 Monday morning has pulled up on us once again, I’m trying to maintain my equilibrium. 

Not attacking Chris Rock types like Will Smith because of corny jokes, out here tripping out / flipping out! that’s not how I’m living!

I’m trying to rock another way, I’m down to earth blue collar style! hardhat and steel toed shoes are rocked like I was at the factory / steelworks.

This dude will rock, weaponizing this good word and the sound; check the intensity, supreme courage and maximum strength utilized like a warrior heart that was needed for eight hours of work. 
Actually putting in overtime with the rebuttal to the information overload, then O-Dog Day Partying, check the celebration until the end of the day! Trying to get over with mine mentioned by Curtis Mayfield in Superfly! trying to maintain my equilibrium, out here where the wild things are! is it time to pray?

Composure / exposure was mentioned by O-Zone in a previous episode; we even had to play it another way due to the public transportation / transformation.

Erosion / corrosion occurred, but it wasn’t a natural process so it was hard to maintain our equilibrium!

We even had to dip! The mothership is way way out there in the galaxy.. It lifted off from our runway out here off of I-20 in Atlanta! local, national, international and intergalactic frontiers is where it’ll drift.. Wow! while I was out there they even showed me what they meant by funk, I see the extraterrestrials were having a dubious celebration.. Maintaining their equilibrium? I doubt it they’re probably suspicious of us earthlings based on our previous behavior but the situation is not on my bingo card, what a paradigm shift!

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