Saturday, July 09, 2022

HOUSE elements | Deep Soulful Fix | July 9, 22

 Digital Crate Digging Continues as we proceed and continue with this Saturday Night Fever edition!

We’re coming through putting it down like this! on this Saturday Night? this is how we’re living!

We’re coming through doing the knowledge like it’s Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday! old bones hold memory like data on a hard drive.

Borne out of time but time is moving fast so we’re running out of time due to a hard life.

It’s rough out here! but some memories were like shadows in the wind, fleeting.

It’s rough out here! reality making us do mental acrobatics? in conjunction with harassment from fanatics it’s just purpose defeating.

It’s rough out here but we’re doing the damn thing, listening to HOUSE elements | Deep Soulful Fix | July 9, 22

It’s courtesy of beyond72!! had a mix from them earlier so we’ll proceed and continue!! check out this playlist and the mix to see what it’ll do!!

Check this out at HOUSE elements | Deep Soulful Fix | July 9, 22

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