Sunday, July 24, 2022

Trying To Stay Ahead In The Game (Part Ten)

 Sunday is considered a day of rest but my mind was playing tricks on me like the Geto Boys track.

How will I play this? continue to put work in, your dude kicks this breakbeat science! check out how he’ll holla back!

Trying to stay ahead in the game, I did the math / did the knowledge; like crime scene tape and white chalk I traced the rough edges; it’s the sketch / preview..

The preview to what? the arch nemesis is on the premises! it’s the preview to drawing the whole picture of the suspect.. ..some are gasping when they heard the noise from dude with the rasping voice that’ll continue to shift / sift through.. the wrong side of night; or even interrupting the flow of the daylight, like Trump with his Insurrection disturbing the ambiance? oh yeah, he’ll disrespect.

But what did we expect? it's rough out here, especially when we’re out here trying to stay ahead in the game!

Actually? naysayers wanted to see us caught up in the system / matrix / game!

But the scripture mentioned no weapons formed would prosper! the enemy? they’ll crash like the waves hitting the shore.
But some couldn’t picture themselves staying ahead in the game, needless worry manifests into something, now the enemy will make a comeback like New England did the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl; check the score. Now caught in the mixture where drama will unfurl, damn! some of it even instigated by a trope? But the world keeps turning, we’re still trying to stay ahead in the game! some of us still have hope.

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