Thursday, July 21, 2022

Trying To Stay Ahead In The Game (Part Nine)

 It’s a another Thankful Thursday, it’s a blessing to be here so we’ll continue to put work in. 

We’re trying to stay ahead in the game even though some are stressing us, they don’t want to see everything working!

It was too hot to think, in more ways than one per the heat wave / temperatures in this nation. Meteorologists like Al Roker ponder that and this but O-Zone mentioned it's still a cold world even though the temperature is rising; but the sidebar convo mentioned a soul on fire. Due to the psychology of a foul joker? dude pondered razor temptations that arose per the bald head he’s shaving. Contemplating life, the toil and strife; sick of the ongoing sideshow in the circus / carnival / so called empire. 

Called out on strikes by the umpire while trying to stay ahead in the game,  plus others were trying to run a game! Lord Help Lord Help Is The Battle Cry!! a pseudo con with cerulean eyes tried to shed a tear.

Dude rocked the Elvis or Trump like style, crazy hairdo / blue suede shoes and a nice suit on, but full of lies I fear. The attitude? plenty to tell us on the stump or bully pulpit something about Stop The Steal! some fell for the shady deal, you can have what you want said his next victim. Soon the next victim was feeling some kind of way! he’s trolling my emotions, to themselves they’re admitting. 

But we keep kicking this breakbeat science, we’re not trying to hear all that noise. 

We’re not trying to waste your time or mine, we’re trying to stay ahead in the game not trying to lose are poise!

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