Thursday, July 28, 2022

The Game Is Over (Part Five)

 We let you know about the bigger plan earlier, plus we’re still handling Throwback Thursday / Thankful Thursday business trying to stay ahead in the game!

But the game is over for some, similar to Trump insurrectionists as the January 6th Committee and the Justice Department try to caste the blame?

I mentioned earlier it’s all game, and some have no shame; self destruction is an art they’ll continue to exhibit.

“Self destruction, they’re headed for self destruction” was the chorus / refrain on the track featuring Kool Moe Dee, KRS One and Chuck D and others! inside and out? up and down? Oh! what’s up with the gluttons for punishment? they’ll be consistent! The Game Is Over for those dancing with the devil, without a doubt! just see how they cavort.. ..around; they call themselves putting it down! but I had to admit they’ll soldier on in life / the sport.

They’re playing their positions, with Lebron James ambitions, they might even want to get traded like Kevin Durant!

They’re playing their positions, caught up in these games / the system / the matrix faking the funk acting exuberant!

They even had me caught up in it, running to and fro / restless in my routine / somewhat unsettled.
Didn’t front / fake / swag or grandstand, stayed humble; but some still meddled. But the game is over for them, like Joe Manchin cutting a deal? I see them peeping with blue ocean eyes. The game is over for them, they’ve been exposed! I wasn’t sleeping, no clockwork dreams; I heard when they spread their lies!

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