Monday, July 18, 2022

Trying To Stay Ahead In The Game (Part Seven)

 Another Monday morning has rolled around,  it’s a blessing to be here! so it’s time to put some work in!

We’re working it all out, trying to stay ahead in the game! we’ll have to put the work in!

Had to admit everything is not working, adjustments will need to be made!

Ear shattering gunshots exploded, the situation is out of control from Highland Park Illinois to Uvalde Texas to Buffalo, to even at the Greenwood Mall up in Indianapolis check out the ongoing charade!

Plus some Trump insurrectionists were supposedly large and in charge, oh the pride of place.

Sending their own electors to the Electoral College, now what’s up? there’s a sense of urgency in the place.. ..due to responsibilities of the January 6th Committee? it gets deep, oh the fathomless depths! Issues? they’re everywhere! any word from Steve Brannon? please, it’s always something! hard to catch your breath!

Per Music Monday? we’re Doing It Do Death like James Brown and The JBs, just trying to stay ahead in the game!

Let the music play is the motto, we’ll set the O-Dog Day Party off! it’s all game..

…as I keep telling some, spelling it out with the drum plus this good word is dropped!!
Just trying to stay ahead in the game, putting it down like this!! jokers can't say O-Zone quit / stopped! 

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