Friday, July 01, 2022

What Will The Style Be? (Part Eight)

 As we approach this Fourth of July Holiday Weekend some wonder; what will the style be?

Some will encroach on democracy like Trump insurrectionists or shady Supreme Court justices dealing with Roe V Wade, climate change and lack of gun laws showing us where the foul will be!

Approaching, after doing the knowledge, jumping and recognizing? after things go sideways silently they come looking for redemption. Violations? some saw what the style will be as soft cloaked whispers from naysayers led to the apparatus revoking their exemption. What will the style be? that mouth got them in trouble, no reward for the inappropriate behavior! What will the style be? like the Marvin Gaye song giving up? it’s the best option, outcomes are ill-fated.

Check out the Flashback Friday reference, on a Fabulous Friday where it’s a blessing to be here we show benevolence!

O-Dog Day Partying and dropping this good word trying to make a difference!

What will the style be? it’ll be local / national / international and intergalactic! but even out in space? drama occurred now clones try to dislodge us from the falling asteroid!

Hanging on a string like Loose Ends? hanging like it’s on a tree branch, jokers with chainsaws are heard! Trying to cut us off; what will the style be? an olive branch offered by them but we’re not giving up, not paranoid! We kept it moving, jumped when we reached earth; just in time, per the impact explosions are heard!

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