Tuesday, July 05, 2022

What Will The Style Be? (Part Ten)

 We’re coming through on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way!

What will the style be? a good question to ask, along with how will we play?

Personally? I was frustrated with the proceedings on earth so the mothership was fired up for intergalactic journeys; but  I was trapped out between the shadows and stars.

Disillusioned, frustrated by this or that institution like American citizens vs The Supreme Court; my mission? naysayers want me to abort while out there between Pluto and Mars. 
What will the style be? frustrated by this or that institution! the mothership was even denied entry in certain parts of the galaxy by the Intergalactic Federation. Haters are happy! they want to see us take a loss! glimpse of a smile spotted / a celebration?

What will the style be? eventually we’ll cross the threshold staying bold even though the situation is out of control per ear shattering gunshots that exploded like at the Highland Park Illinois holiday parade. 

What will the style be? from Buffalo to Uvalde Texas on up to Akron per Jayland Walker I see how these earthlings are acting in the ongoing charade!

I see how the game is played; even the daughter of chaos caught up as she typed the words “For Sale” on the screen.
Now wondering what she’s done, what will the style be? due to prevailing circumstances she began to squirm. Yesterday? barbecue smoke was heavy as others were supposedly feasting on freedom, supposedly a celebration. July Fourth! but what will the style be? due to the information overload per her and others in that espionage mode she went forth ready to sell out the nation.

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