Saturday, July 30, 2022

Exercising Power (Part Two)

 As Saturday morning transitions into Saturday afternoon, you can catch us out here exercising power the Lord has blessed us with.  

Haters? still “buking and scorning” but soon karma will catch up with them, struck down by that same energy they stressed us with!

O-Zone? I’m laying low at the chateau / compound / remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta due to hell catching. No surrender / no defeat is a dude’s vibe! we’re fighting back with the sound and these good words / dark etchings! Imagination stretching per these breakbeat scientific methods like we’re drugged or tranquilized? Life lessons? O-Zone already mentioned there’s always something to deal with but some want ours supersized!

We’re not surprised, please!! that’s the main reason why we’re still out here exercising power!

Plots and schemes devised but nothing wicked like Trump insurrectionists soon finding out the game is over / reaching the bewitching hour!

We’re still out here exercising power, they were a hard act to follow was the word from haters, they said were bonafide.

We’re still out here exercising power, but some don’t know a collective sacrifice is needed for us to slide.. 

 ..through the entrance of the portal knowing how the sport will go; but some say we’ll need to let go.. ..of things considered nostalgic, some say old school / new school no school rules; it’s just something that’ll interrupt the flow.

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