Sunday, May 05, 2013

The I-85 Chronicles / Carolina Cruising / The Saga Struggle Continues

 Its like this and that...check these I-85 Chronicles..posted up on this site...the thought police ran us away from others....

Its like this and like that...Its Gotta Be Good..just like that...Carolina Cruising..the assignment? I'm choosing...please!! due to circumstances beyond my control I wasn't in Louisville....Kentucky Derby celebrating like others..

Its like this and like that...chilling in the QC..aka Queen City..up in Charlotte...standing alone against the world? some will work with me on this...after dipping down I-85

Its like this and like that; its rough out here!! some flipped we hit a rumble strip..but beats in the Buick Lucerne / Lesabre rumble kid...please O-Dizzle is  breaking it down..please!! he's Transmitting Live...
O-Zone is not faking down here in the ATL...I had to break it down to so called authority figures;  telling them the saga / struggle continues! 

Its rough in this zone...during the Rainy Night In Georgia per Randy Crawford? or even the Brook Benton version...the fake called themselves helping..but just hurting the process;  like food on hell's kitchen menus! 

Its rough in this Israel vs Syria..fiery lakes?  please its like California wildfires..different venues will burn baby burn!!  like disco infernos! 

Meanwhile...jokers were firing at jakes like the Boston Marathon bombers!! whats the response to those?  lessons?  some learn those!
Whats really going on? in Charlotte ..on Tryon Street dude was still rocking the Jheri Curl ....had the Members Only bomber jacket on..meanwhile little sistas were spotted smoking weed on the church / sacred grounds..

Whats really going on? like my other blog in the the drama unfurls..O-Dizzle breaks beats..check the steady!! he wasn't fake with the sounds..  
The Sonic Blackjack breaks up the cartel!!  but it won't die it'll just multiply! 

Check the mutations and transformations; meanwhile its like that joker Beck at The NRA Rally..another will tell a damn lie! 

Doing the math...the computations;  transcending and transforming is the by product! 

Reflecting while dipping down I-85 ..Carolina Cruising..on another path; outside the box!! I wasn't blending with the clones / residents in this zone as they sweat my conduct! I move forward conducting myself in an orderly fashion! 

Moving forward!! haters had intentions of corrupting me;  the saga  / struggle continues...I ignore police sweating the thought and fashion!

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