Saturday, August 29, 2015

Back On Schedule / But It's Not All Good

What's really going on? whose being real with me? it can go either way; down here on earth? I'm dealing with Angels and Demons..

What's really going on? Angels Among Us per the group Alabama? Rolling Like The Crimson Tide or Wake Forest Demon Deacons? 

Please!! they'll make a brotha turn into Wolverine like Hugh Jackman; it can go either way!!  word from a multi-dimensional black man here with you..

Scientist or gangsta?  Ben Carson or the black man with the pistol ready to make a jack move in a city near you? .

What did you say? what are you starting? boisterous like Donald Trump, meanwhile we're out here trying to get over the hump; hard times are coming to a city near you..

What did you say? what are you starting? Tropical Storm Erika approachs America near the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina; I guess these storms in life don't fear you..

The O-Dog Podcast is hooked up;  what did you play I was asked? beats will thump, we didn't fear you if you were a devil's advocate!!

Had to tell them!!  the funk is dropped / they'll get rocked,  plus they'll get jazzed up and housed when we come back with it!!

I'm back on schedule, but it's not all good!! I was going in / getting it in but security said we didn't clear you, so why are you here? 

I'm back on schedule, the deliberate falsehood was evident, society wasn't benevolent; please!! it's rough out here!! 

No country for old men per Tommy Lee Jones? it's going down, no Senior Salute in these zones!! that's the deal!!

We keep rolling man!!! once again it's on!! we're back on schedule but it's not all good, some won't give a hoot; but that's the deal!!

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