Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The I-20 Chronicles (Another Terrible / Terrific Tuesday Edition)

Once again it's on!! I'm dipping down I-20 in Atlanta on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday...

What's the perspective? please!! we're blessed to see it, but jokers talk junk like Donald Trump, trying to act brand new with me...
What's the perspective? we drop insight plus beats will thump  per this special edition of these I-20 Chronicles. 

We continue to fight for freedom, but  the devil is opposed;  we continue to fight these and those. 

I see them!! Ice Cube / Mike Epps / Top Flight Security patrolled the premises in Atlanta down off of Boulevard in the old Fourth Ward!! please!! jokers down there still go hard!!  you should know those  Plan Z strategizers still cut up.

American manufacturing jobs moved overseas!!  even China is moving their manufacturing jobs offshores!! what are people supposed to do, or where are they supposed to work / what's the score? shifting priorities controlled impulses and responses!!  please!!  this world is corrupt. 

So what's up?  I hear sirens in the background as the latest episode goes down;  damn!! who's winning or losing?

So what's up?  I see the Dunbar armored truck dipping down Peachtree street collecting funds from the corporations,  but from this perspective things aren't sweet!!  pockets are empty while I'm cruising. 

So what's up? per Paul Laurence Dunbar I'm writing these poems, using reality checks to purchase merchandise from the market. 

Some of it  I resale on my clearance rack;  bogus merchandise?  I return to the service desk!!  on earth?  peeps are stressed!!  the mothership?  I had to park it. 

Lights blink on the instrument panel;  please!!  you know how these hoopties are. 

The check engine and system lights are blinking; disaster brinking? but in the spot where the truth be told? on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday,  that's where we are. 

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