Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Entertainment Business

This is how it's going down!! once again it's on!! due to Earth Wind and Fire type Ways Of The World?  we had to unleash these Sonic Assaults.

This is how it's going down!! per 2 Corinthians 5:7 we try to walk by faith and not sight because these earthlings have the world messed up!! thinking of a master plan, per The Master's Plan; I had to entertain those thoughts

...Selected at random after I got back down to earth, I was all out by Pluto, spotted by the New Horizons..

Back down to earth; Easy like the Commodores per this Sunday Morning; what it do? I was spotting the Pisces Full Moon on the horizon..

Entertainment business is going down in conjunction with breakbeat scientific business, but during the ongoing crisis I know what the deal is!! Knowing how the work will be, due to being an ex taxi-cab driver in Louisville;  haters called me a Louisvillain, said I was unworthy...

Entertaining these thoughts;  now this good word is dropped plus I'm all about the sound per the O-Dogs heard me?

I wasn't entertaining thoughts by devils advocates trying to audition for a role in this ATL reality show; it's like they carry the #TrumpBible, so what's up with it?

*Mass Konfusion*  seems to be the order of the day; #blacklivesmatters / #alllivesmatter / #copslivesmatter / business as usual?  some claim they've  had enough of it..

Whose benevolent? please!!  the climate has changed, some will move on, even Europe has an Refugee / Immigration Crisis...

...Or you'll have to deal with it or get over it per Dr. Phil, but some know the deal as imperialists created the crisis..

Boats capsized in Libya!! In the spot where *Reason Gave Way To Madness*  ISIS is still posted up in Syria, so what's really going on? Some are Flipping Out...but that's not how I get down...

The mass hysteria can take you under but I don't entertain those thoughts long, even though I'm in this entertainment business!! we fight back with the Sonic Assault, that's how we get down...

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