Thursday, August 27, 2015

Coming Back With It On This Throwback / Thirsty Thursday

I will come back with it;  what? the *BreakBeat Science*   you can say I'm *Taking Care Of Business* 

Writing this on a so called *Throwback Thurday*  I call it a *Thirsty Thursday*  because I'm still hungry and thirsty, just like back in the day!! somebody might feel this!!

*Its like this and like that*  we're in survival mode in Babylon  trying not to flip out like Vester Flanagan / Bryce Williams!! we're aware of the shady dealings!! that's why we drop this Good Word,  plus were *Four Five Sixing It*

aka Dropping mathematics!! avoiding Officer Flanagan and his ride or die fanatics!!  they're corporate America's hired guns!!  please!!  these Wall Street / Chinese *Gamblers are out for a fast buck*  who are you mixing with?

What's the catch phrase? *You don't wanna get mixed up*  with those New Type Gangsters.

At the end of these day?  we're finding out jokers are like Donald Trump; they're  just a bunch of pranksters!!

...Or just *wanksters* Shady Characters like bankers per their financing, showing that they're the New Type slaveholders!!

They'll *gank*  us, they'll lend money at high interest rates or they wont lend it!! they're acting funny with the money!!! it's tight in these hoods!! there's no beauty, you can't behold us!!

Bankers soon meeting at the Jackson Hole won't have any soul!! they're acting funny with the money!! economy is slumping like Tiger Woods!! 

How will this black man roll? please!! I've got the Power like Snap, ready to pimp slap a fool with their Deliberate Falsehoods!! 

How will this black man roll? I tried to stop drop and roll per the fireman's lingo!! jokers tried to put me in a trap,  acting false in these hoods!! 

This black man rocks, like Black Box I hit up *Everybody, Everybody* on this Throwback / Thirsty Thursday; I'm trying to deliver the goods...


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