Monday, August 31, 2015

The I-20 Chronicles / We're In Survival Mode

Check out these I-20 Chonicles;  they're based on being in survival mode. 

What's the response to these and those?  check the arrival,  were waiting on the truth to be told. 

The truth game was being played like #blacklivesmatter being the reason Shannon Miles shot the deputy in Texas!! we decipher the information overload;  printouts had the data circled in red

We light a torch for those waiting in the dark;  please!!  it's those that were misled. 

Documents were misfed into the machine;  now constituents are acting brand new.

But we're rocking!! meanwhile  other ATLiens prayed or preyed per the t-shirt by Akoo

Was I acting brand new?   I wasn't in the spot down on Boulevard with the other ATLiens buying lottery tickets,  *tall boys* and cigars. 

Plus I wasn't in Ferguson supposedly snatching cigars like they say Mike Brown did, when he paid for them;  now my peeps are turned up  from Baltimore to Charleston;  we try to heal the scars.  

Everything is not working son!! Martin Luther King Jr wants his name back!!  on streets named after him? drug deals are made!! plus schools named after him aren't up to par...

Everything is not working son!! they'll sit you down like RG3 replaced by Kirk Cousins!! what's up cousin? for the course that's par... 

We jumped in the car / hooptie, catch me dipping down I-20 in Atlanta as I analyze the situation / information; what's the prognosis? 

Haters keep supplying roadblocks and obstacles; if it's not one thing it's another!! we're in survival mode, trying to avoid the lethal doses!!

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