Friday, August 14, 2015

The Outback Chronicles: Clean Up Hitting

 Chilling out;  I was outback on the deck cleaning up, plus reflecting / contemplating. 

Also cleanup hitting like I was batting fourth in the lineup; cleaning up situations on so many different levels!! this is the aftermath after doing the math per I-20 Chronicles!!  there's no so called GOP issue debating. 

As I go forth!!  I'm last laughing then frowning after I found out about things; damn!!  there's always something. 

As I go forth I'm taking another path up in this thing!!  I was all up in the spot cleaning that situation up,  but now I'm On My Own like Patti Labelle and Michael McDonald!! oh!!  trying to do a little *something something*  

But coping strategies fail, so now I'm going through a little *something something* damn!! per Keith Sweat *something something just ain't right*  you know the devil is opposing!!  I'm winning and losing battles. 

....Like mosquitoes trying to turn my backyard into *Mosquitoville* the arch nemesis was on the premises; but  they'll get repelled when the O-Dog funk in the hooptie makes the trunk rattle.

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