Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Seasons / Reasons PT.4 (Recognize The Pattern)

 Seasons change / reasons change: *recognize the pattern*  as we approach the end of summer as I write this!!

Treasons change the outlook, some were outhustled by a crook!! word from this veteran in the game now coaching!! a funky drummer trying to encite this!!

Check the season; It's like the state of emergency in Ferguson, see how it's working? I enlighten this and that one!!

Check the reason:  hate was shown, who'll work with me? there's no Donald Trump and Fox News shady business, I'm not the one!!
What it do? what it does? please!! as the last hours approach we'll just have to Recognize The Pattern..

This is what we do!!! we're like Perseid meteor showers when we're bringing BreakBeat Science; check out the Intergalactic Funk that we brought back from Saturn..

Just got back to earth, now we're down here on I-20 in Atlanta!!  I'm not rolling in a Saturn, like immigrants up on Buford Highway in Atlanta I'm all up in the old school Toyota Camry..

What's it all  worth? seasons change / reasons change; it's like Israeli archaeologists trying to decode ancient inscriptions written in Hebrew script!!  as I continue to dip maybe somebody will understand me...

Like Israel rejecting Black Hebrews treasons change me; distracted me from my mission, but now I'm in the lab sharpening weapons!! O-Dog will jam!!  *Oh Jam For Me* like Guy  Teddy Riley / Aaron Hall...

It's real like avoiding Oathkeepers type of crews in Ferguson;  how's it working son? lawyer on retention down here in Atlanta?  "one call, that's all"

Hunger Game Peacekeepers will catch you out there when your trying to ball!! seasons / reasons change...  

Hunger and thirst in the game enables us to recognize the pattern; due to the treason the rules will change...



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