Friday, August 14, 2015

They Were Still On That

They've got me out here asking; What's really going on?  its like my satellite station. 

I see some people are *still on that*  like TI what they know about that?  damn!! it's a tight situation. 

Some were *gone off that molly* per Kanye  while others like Donald Trump vs Megyn Kelly  had beef like Ollie's Trolley.

Some were worried about the wrong thing like Hillary Clintons emails;  trying to find a connection to Benghazi? 

The wannabe player was rocking Flagg Brothers type gear plus he was like the Stylistics  saying *betcha by golly wow*  to the Beyonce / independent woman that didn't want to be bothered with him. 

A Cecil the Lion slayer is demonized!! brothers? check the statistics!!  society is still not concerned with black lives!!   the system smothered them. 

Smothered and covered like Waffle House hash browns unless they're court jesters and class clowns, or part of a minstrel show. 

Another was trying to wobble;  trying to do the *nae nae or stanky leg*  / part of a minstrel show? 

Whatcha know? Donald Trump mentioned the menstrual flow,  I can see some are still on that!!  meanwhile we continue to be caught up in the system / matrix

Whatcha know?  check the season / reason as elections are around the corner now Democrats and Republicans fake it. 

The mold? we break it!! along with beats and this English, as we get breakbeat scientific...

It's gotten old; some are still on that, but wondering about the pain and anguish; per Dr. Phil they didn't get over it /  let go of it!!

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