Thursday, August 13, 2015

The I-20 Chronicles; (Another Thirsty Thursday Edition)

Dipping down I-20 in Atlanta *Chilling Out*  up in the hooptie; listening to Earth Wind and Fire,  you need Devotion..

Going All Out!!  it's like I'm on a Poseidon Adventure!! the drum loop? it'll be funky!! that brotha O-Dog will bring it!! he's putting things in motion..

Intergalactic like the Perseid Meteor Showers!!  not undecided like Joe Biden, ventures are pursued per these last hours!! we're going in / getting it in!! we're like a bull in the china shop..

A fanatic will try to introduce the fireshowers like port explosions in China; they didn't stop!!

A brotha will hip hop; playing the drum / playing the piano:  playing it in the dark per Brenda Russell..

Bringing the light; Songs in the Night like Job 35:10  we're exercising your mental muscle..

Bringing insight; but we're not on the bully pulpit like Kasim Reed vs Police and Firefighters;  we found out we're an instrument of the Higher Power..

The Situation Is Is Out Of Control;  we're not up in the bully pulpit like Donald Trump,  we stay one step ahead of the fireshower..

Down I-20 in Atlanta we roll; we just got back from a remote outpost in the galaxy; beats thump up in the hooptie after extraterrestrials told me what it do..

We're peeping game like we're  All Along The Watchtower like Jimi Hendrix; reading the Watchtower..operating like Watchmen when we come through...

Check your watch man so you can see what it do; we're dipping down I-20 observing the scene..

Ready to roll on this Thirsty Thursday, due to hunger and thirst we continue to play!! anything less would be obscene!!

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