Friday, August 21, 2015

Tools / Tricks Of The Trade PT.2 (Still Using Them)

It's going down; I had to enhance these tricks / sharpen up my tools of trade. 

Unconventional wisdom / knowledge a dude kicks!! sometimes cut and pasting / drop and dragging;  meanwhile fools were caught up in the charade. 

Geneva Conventions protocol per North Korea vs South Korea? meanwhile in the ATL the scenario showed time wasting!!  pants drop,  they're still sagging or skinny jeaning. 

El Chapo Guzman crime tasting antics never stopped!!  fools will get played / caught up in the system matrix; damn!!  the architect was already drafting / graphic designing / screening. 

The new age human mentioned intelligent designing, but I was finding vehicles careening out of control!!  too much swerving?  that was a setup. 

Not acting brand new man, not with these tools or tricks of the trade!! they're vehicles from the omnipresent / all seeing / all knowing provided out here where good and evil collided / coincided;  this dude was wise to the whole set up

...That's why I can't let up!! I keep pushing in the midst of Shaun King type character assasination  I'm chilling in the compound enhancing these tricks plus sharpening tools and weapons. 

Reality is crushing some!! from sofa king to Subway poster boy to catching up on episodes missed as a boy like Jared Fogle!! back in the day I rocked Bugle Boy jeans, but these days I jump in the hooptie and dip down I-20 for inspiration.

We're cold crushing them when these scriptures and mixtures that are provided for the occasion; damn!! per systematic procedures I see fools get played. 

Pictures are painted;  these elixirs aren't tainted!! these are the by products of working with the tools / tricks of the trade.

Fools get tricked during the charade like federal officials at Ashley Madison, flagrant agents find out how it goes!

Next school knowledge is kicked by O-Zone!! no games are played!! this is not Disney Junior per Special Agent Oso!!


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