Sunday, August 16, 2015

Walking In The Dark , But Not Waiting In The Dark

 I'm Out There, *Outside The Box*  New Horizons out by Pluto thought it took my picture!! I'm broadcasting from a remote outpost...

 It was like I'm at the International Space Station spotting the Aurora Borealis, a  brotha knows what the deal is!! I'm not playing it like Donald Trump, trying to brag or boast..

Taking a walk in the dark; it's like Walking In Space per Quincy Jones!!  walking through danger zones that are *all the way live like Lakeside* coast to coast / sea to shining sea!! universal / Intergalactic..

Some were waiting in the dark, but it was easy to be misled by Democrats and Republicans per election season!!  I spotted how the fake ride!! what was the reason for the treason?  I avoid a fanatic...

Out In The Mainstream of Mathematics aka reality, so what it do? seasons / reasons were contemplated / reflected on while taking my walk...

Walking in the dark ignoring threats made by other teams full of  fanatics like North Korea, with all that slick talk!! 

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