Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Recuperation: Let The Healing Process Begin PT. 10

 Let the healing process begin!! but it's hard to do when Home Depot rental trucks run into pedestrians in Manhattan..

Shouts of Allahu Akbar were heard; per the mental state that name mentioned in blasphemy / slurred? so what's up man? 

We're in need of recuperation but things keep happening, the devil and his advocates stay busy!!

Sprinkle some oil, lubrication!! the reign of terror? we'll keep facing, but we didn't quit and didn't stop!! like Mr. Lee we'll get busy!!

 Brink of disaster awaiting us? no news was good news,  but jokers were like George Papadopoulos, they bragged and boasted like they had done something.     

Thinking faster after chilling out at Pappadeaux, so whatcha know? any good reviews? please!! these comedians roasted and toasted!!  they played me like I was on something. 

...Even when I was going through something / in need of recuperation some were playing it like Fats Domino,  heard saying ain't that a shame

Sorry was heard in the sarcastic voice!!  but of course due to the domino affect we know it's all game. 

"Let the drummer get wicked"  was heard in the Chuck D voice when this funky drummer enters the game. 

Not a drug runner but like the Los Angeles Dodgers O-Dizzle kept on running,  due to being caught up in the game.

Not a gun runner but sounds are weaponized like North Korea and their nuclear program. 

It's part of our recuperation!! let the healing process begin!! check the scenario as this good word is dropped!!   meanwhile the sounds bump but  excuse me but it's not a slow jam 


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