Thursday, October 01, 2020

Jay Denes Mix | Deep & Soulful House Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday, by now y'all should know how the work will be..

...retro - futuristic is the style for those that missed it, the declaration; did I need to drop another mission statement? thought and fashion police will probably hate it, so who'll work with me?

O-Zone? he never missed it, he could see everything that's moving now showing / proving as we keep it moving; on to the next...

Clones and drones were spotted on the perimeter and the arch nemesis was on the premises but soon evicted, realizing that the sport is complex

Throwback Thursday business! just like this Jay Denes Mix | Deep & Soulful House Mix, a segment of the Rhythm Republic's Producer Spotlight Series..

Jay Denes? otherwise known as Blue Six!! check out the playlist and the mix featuring others that worked with him; this thing is serious!!

1. Blue Six - Tropicalia (Jay's Bahia Remix)
2. Aya - Uptown (Jay's Up! Dub)
3. Blue Six - Let's Do It Together (Jay's Besoul Vocal)
4. Blue Six - Pure (Jay's Nitelife Dub)
5. Blue Six - Music and Wine
6. Lisa Shaw - Always (Lovetronic Vocal)
7. Blue 6 - Do Ya Like It (François K. & Jay Denes Body & SOUL Dub RMX)
8. Lisa Shaw - Born To Fly (Jay's Naked Dub)
9. Lisa Shaw - Cherry (Jay's Nude Vocal)
10. Lovetronic - You Are Love (Jay's Afrotonic Vocal)
11. Blue 6 - Sweeter Love (Jay's Full Vocal Mix)
12. Petalpusher - Breakin' It Down (Jay's Blue Vocal)
13. Naked Music NYC - It's Love (6th Sense Dub)
14. Terra Dëva - Inside (Naked Lover's Dub)

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