Thursday, October 29, 2020

The Next Chapter (The Saga / Struggle Continues) Part Three

Throwback Thursday? I remember the conversation with the Jamaican who wasn't faking; he said it's all about moving forward never backwards..

So, we're moving to the next chapter /  turning the page, still learning at an old age going all out when we engage; that's how it works!!

The saga / struggle continues turning pages on these menus with few options similar to restaurants closing in Chicago due to the coronavirus 

The saga / struggle continues concerning Covid 19 as cases increase plus from Louisville concerning Breonna Taylor to the shooting of Walter Wallace in Philadelphia has my people chanting no justice no peace' but it doesn't surprise us..

O-Zone told us about October Surprises as the month comes to a close; like the old school Baptist preacher mentioned the devil will oppose so we paid attention / stayed on point..

It's on!!  going all out in pursuit of prizes has many acting like pirates as they pillage / loot but it doesn't surprise us; like Trump supporters? a crook they'll anoint..

It's on!! jokers claim they've got it bumping in the sport!! kicking ass and taking names was the knowledge that was kicked!! some are on a power trip!

It's on!! ex Trump administrators are like Miles Taylor aka Anonymous  taking pictures and taking names!!  who'll be upstate after taking that trip?

It's on!! beats will bump and we're laying this good word out for ya!! we're shaking it up like a jar of Tropicana juice,  then take a sip of the elixir!

We're breaking it up  and moving on to the next chapter as the saga / struggle continues!! still masking and social distancing in the midst of this pandemic while fanatics still get busy!!  Po Po spotted them at the mixer!

Meanwhile O-Dizzle was breaking beats on the Yamaha mixer!! he's been doing that on some Throwback Thursday business as he shows and proves.

Check the mean style as O-Zone gets busy!! even in the midst of the ongoing madness he continues to make moves!

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