Sunday, October 25, 2020

The Next Chapter; The Saga / Struggle Continues (Part One)

Check us out as we proceed and continue during this Scorpio Season; we're moving to the next chapter..

Check us out true indeed!! the saga / struggle continues in this sport but we "know how it go" / we're wise to the set up!! we're trying to avoid capture and the rapture..

It captured our attention especially as that Sunday morning type knowledge was dropped by ministers holding live or virtual services..

"Y'all be safe out there"  as this Covid 19 is still on the rise along with the systemic racism but in Atlanta I still see these players in Dodge Chargers and Ford Mustangs "out here serving"

It gets rough out here!! a lot of it is stereotypical; they even said I fit the description, even said I was killing  them like it's First 48 like the Louisville episodes; they said I was the one!

So whats done? like I said it's stereotypical but like Cheryl Lynn said it's got to be real this is no love fest; per the Breonna Taylor case I can see  my folks up in Louisville are on one!

Actually? Per this next chapter I can see what’s happening; my people are under duress! 

Whats really going on? Daniel Cameron rolling with the shadetree mechanics? oh yes!!  The GOP vs democracy  they were spotted with screwdrivers and wrenches talking about they had a cure for this!

O -Zone? a dude is jamming with that Sunday Jazz so I won’t spaz out here in Babylon..

It’s on another level due to the actions of another devil turning this into a danger zone...

Your dude is on some next level business, this is next chapter movement..Check the attitude as the saga  / struggle continues! positivity is shown as we show and prove it! 

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