Wednesday, October 07, 2020

October Surprises (Part Four)

Check out this business as usual; we're putting it down like this!! this is the by - product of being left to our own devices...

Wrecking out on the information highway for trying to do it my way? dealt with karmic repercussions, now with bill collectors I have discussions about paying the prices..

Letting out this information with the good word and plus we’re armed with percussions as the sound is weaponized; rebuking October Surprises from wannabe weather makers.

Getting out!! check the transportation / transformation!! corruptions dealt with by interruptions like Covid 19 in the West Wing slowing down the GOP; there'll be no rest for a bunch of fakers..

Damn!! but sometimes you can't do anything!! what's the catch phrase? from Louisville per Breonna Taylor to the word from Rev Al Sharpton the originator / tailor there's that chant again; no justice  no peace!

What's up with some? they're acting brand new / acting like they  knew as I drop this good word in the heart  of this hostile territory; by now y'all should know the story, we can't be at ease!!

 October surprises? we see them coming but we'll keep good word dropping and funky drumming as we try to ease on down the road like The Wiz.

October surprises? told Dorothy we weren't in Kansas..told her its like Teena Marie I was talking Square Biz.

But wasn't residing in L-7 Square, we busted out of there a long time ago!

Area 51 residents were waiting in the dark they didn't choose to bust loose like Chuck Brown!! they waited on permission to go!

Meanwhile we’re going for what we know but we’re staying on point aware of October surprises. 

Check the style per this HumpDay Extravaganza getting over the hump is the business understand a brotha? this is how it’s going down when we’re left to our own devices. 

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