Friday, October 09, 2020

October Surprises (Part Five)

It's going down on this Flashback Friday as I reflect on previous episodes. 

 It's also a Fabulous Friday, like I said earlier its a blessing to be here even in the midst of the madness engineered by those in devious modes. 

 Holla at us if you feel this way as we all continue to play these hands we're dealt! 

 We're staying on point aware of these October Surprises but these days nothing surprises us plus that's how my constituents felt.

Per Flashback Friday? listening  to my song by Heatwave; they mentioned mind blowing decisions.

 They said "they cause head on collisions"  so how are you living? who’s  bearing witness to no win situations?

....on more than one occasion praying  day and night as they fight those influenced by the negative persuasion?

Checking  the score day and night after the shady deal aka October surprises; so who’s winning or losing? 

Maybe a step behind; a day late and a dollar short!! now tripping like Kid Cudi; Day and Night!

O -Zone? going on with mine moving forward but slowed down by setbacks obstacles and the systems so called traffic calming devices; “that ain’t right”

It’s on! Moving forward never backwards is how that works when we’re in pursuit of these so called earthly prizes. 

It’s on! Moving forward never backwards but staying aware of these October surprises! 

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