Tuesday, October 27, 2020

The Next Chapter (The Saga / Struggle Continues) Part Two

Check us out as we proceed and continue to the next chapter on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way but I continue to play; I guess you can say we're turning the page...

Check us out, true indeed we're trying to "holla back atcha" claiming the terrific outcome but I see some are stressed, feeling the rage....

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on / toil and strife goes on like Mike Pence still campaigning even though his aides had the coronavirus..

His moves were even surprising Chris Christie who just left recovery while O-Zone didn't need to make a motion of discovery he's ready for October Surprises..

To the occasion?  a dude rises!! In a minute we'll be right on time like the Brothers Johnson song! we're  In it to win it  but damn it!! I'm either too early or too late!!  I wasn't in sync, they said O-Zone your wrong!

What's the deal with it? your homie is independent!!  as I move to the next chapter I told them I'm on a different schedule!!  naysayers asked, how long? 

Earlier? I wasn't ready to  go!! really not ready to leave  like John Bolton said concerning Trump and the White House? what can I tell ya? they said I need to let it go!

Just another Love TKO  word from Teddy Pendergrass!! but I continue to handle this as the saga / struggle continues!! I've been this way from the get go!

Going for what we know concerning this next level business knowing the next devil is opposed to this; in this card game his hand is shown!!

Whatcha know? not blaming the player just the game!! please believe me it's all game, but who's reaping what was sown? 

Please!! supreme courage and maximum strength is shown as we move on to the next chapter in this sport;  the saga / struggle continues but we're going for what we know!!

Some will try to discourage but the Lord supplies us with the strength we need so we didn't abort operations especially here in Scorpio Season we're blessed to see another year, you know? 

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