Tuesday, October 20, 2020

October Surprises (Part Nine)

It's going down on a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; I mentioned before that things can play out either way..

Plus we'll have October surprises especially when these earthlings are left to their own devices, so how will they play?

What will they say? 50 Cent comes out supporting Trump concerning high taxes, Ice Cube  already supplied Trump the facts..

...concerning a contract with Black America something about speaking truth to power T.I.says he's got his back..

The Trump campaign courting black males? it doesn't surprise me, back in the day 90's rappers had his name in their mouth..

Beats would bump while they talked junk, a bunch of nonsense? then some wanted to criticize these rappers from down south 

 Back in the day Pops would tell jokers to watch their mouth and watch their tone. 

Back in the way mentioning October surprises when O -Zone drops knowledge? Once again it’s on! 

 That Brotha O-Zone will drop blatant and subliminal messages while writing these passages, check the scriptures! 

Facing accusations that are just projections like Trump calling Biden a criminal but we’ve seen the pictures.

 O- Dizzle provides the mixtures using the sound as a weapon. 

We’re getting with ya rebuking October surprises per our pursuit of the prizes, this is what’s up / happening. 

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