Tuesday, October 13, 2020

October Surprises (Part Six)

We’re  dropping this science on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday.

 I mentioned before things can play out either way especially due to October surprises  but we’re claiming the terrific outcome as we continue to play. 

Going on with our bad selves pulling out the drum check the celebration of life but we’re not surprised that jokers try to knock our hustle like GOP Voter Suppression

Going on with our bad selves! once again it’s on check us out as we drop this breakbeat scientific session. 

Going on with our bad selves as the aggression by thought and fashion police is rebuked. 

Checked the history per Tulsa and Philadelphia as spots got bombed / nuked.

No justice no peace is heard from Louisville to Minneapolis per the Police brutality  experienced

What’s up with us? We had to chill due to the ongoing circumstances we already knew what it do; Jimi Hendrix asked Are you experienced?

What’s up with us? Knew the deal Wise To The Whole Set Up due to the madness experienced previously..

Coronavirus and systemic racism is what we’re facing at the moment as it all goes down in an election year; politicians say have no fear deceiving you and me

Please believe me they’re acting like it’s our birthday coming with the October surprises..

But we’ve been here for a minute plus we’re in it to win it as we continue our pursuit of the prizes.,

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