Sunday, October 18, 2020

October Surprises (Part Eight)

As we proceed and continue, we're out here trying to be easy like this Sunday morning, previously mentioned by the Commodores..

Checked the menus on this Sunday morning, previously ministers rocked the venues before Covid 19 even though some churches are open, even holding services in the parking lot like Antioch A. M. E. in Conyers, the minister mentioned agape love is the answercheck the  scores 

Oh yes!! we checked the scores for October surprises, the Atlanta Braves face game seven with the LA Dodgers plus the Alabama Crimson Tide beat the Georgia Bulldogs..

Actually? those aren't October surprises that's business as usual but check out how we do; we're putting it down like this!! the good word is O-Zone's and the beats are O-Dog's..

Actually? those aren't October surprises when these alter egos are left to their own devices, no altered Negroes like Vernon Jones crowd surfing at a Trump rally..

Actually? those aren't October surprises as some of the people roll with the enemy of the people, they'll sell out like Daniel Cameron up in Kentucky..

...concerning the Breonna Taylor case;  so what's up with me? your dude is on the case but thought and fashion police accused me of being arrogant, aloof, uncouth; they even  provided so called proof to authorities.

Whats the deally? what can I tell ya? October surprises leading to a revolutionary attitude or an attitude of cooperation in these hostile territories?

Noticed when I was telling these stories haters were violating!! like  QAnon with fake Osama Bin Laden stories; like Count Bass D they're violating  straight up and down!

Bogus merchandise fill the markets like your neighborhood swap meet or flea market; ecological ignorance will alter the fate; its about to go down!

It's on us to work this thing thing out!! it already went down!! jokers try October Surprises like irrelevant e- mails by  Hunter Biden but we'll keep freedom riding on so many levels;  who'll be caught up in the ongoing onslaught?

Reality checks were cashed by so many devils, now these sonic defenders come through with the Sonic Assault!

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