Friday, October 02, 2020

October Surprises (Part Two)

Checking out the Harvest Full Moon, presently floating through the Aries spectrum; Mars is in the vicinity..

The Isley Brothers mentioned Harvest For The World, but who's fair with those and these? disrespecting!! even Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell exhibited hypocrisy..

Doesn't surprise me, why start this? the drama will unfurl, check the October surprises per the pursuit of earthly prizes; money and power..

Doesn't surprise me, why start this? the drama will unfurl, left to their own devices? some of these punishment gluttons will push buttons fast forwarding to the last hour..

Where is the Brotha O-Zone?  Flashback Friday / before Trump's mismanaged pandemic you might have caught me chilling on West Blvd up  in Charlotte my second home town...

Flashback Friday? chilling at Bojangles; zoning on a cool autumn afternoon?  a brotha untangles the dark mystery of time and space. warned by Mr Cole about the dog eat dog / rat race!! it's going down!!

Spotted homie; he was salty and greasy like Bojangles chicken!! selling drugs in front of the CMPD substation?  some are working angles,  as Trumps best economy ever struggles / strangles; my dude is down to Plan Z, based on his truths and beliefs.

Given some rope like Boston a joker  strangles himself!!  truths and beliefs on so many levels/? like Trump with Covid 19  bear witness to the one of the upcoming October surprises!!  every village has an idiot it doesn't surprise us, peeping game, O-Zone drops this good word base on his truths and beleifs

Dope boys hitting good during the pandemic? over on Peters street in Atlanta  the gold dangles from dudes neck like strangefruit back in the day;  whose beliefs will contradict?

Flashback Friday? listening to Ronnie Laws Friends and Strangers; democracy in danger, the jam?  appropriate as some loot the treasury from corporations hitting up the government to these jokers out in these streets acting like a thug with it;  it was something about hitting a lick! was all about collecting that prize, expect the October Surprise, going down before Halloween Full Moon gets here

..Flashback Friday? listening to Herb Alpert with Rise, another October Surprise soon on the scene? who'll get caught out there? 

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