Thursday, October 15, 2020

October Surprises (Part Seven)

 Check us out as we handle this Throwback Thursday business that’s of course  business as usual.

We’re putting it down like this as we go back to the future even though it’s a blessing to be in the present which is a present so act like you knew! 

...instead of acting brand new, acting like you don’t know like Amy Coney Barrett during Supreme Court confirmation hearings

Acting like they knew? in Texas and Georgia early voting is off the charts based on what my constituents are seeing and hearing! 

Acting Brand New /  Acting Like We Knew?  mentioned earlier so we expect October surprises ..

So what it do?  per Throwback Thursday jokers try to bring up back in the day drama like the Bidens and Burisma but results will be dismal as we moved on in our pursuit of the prizes  

Capitalists checked the stock prices while socialists dealt with October surprises per bad breaks and obstacles as authorities put up traffic calming devices, they “ain’t right “

Back with this rocking this but “it ain’t nothing nice” ; O-Zone surmises that these folk won’t act right!

Caught out there by October surprises? per Throwback Thursday  jokers said  Sho you right sounding like Barry White plus I heard the deacons in the amen corner.

They said let the church say amen; then say amen again!! But after the benediction who’s cutting the corner?

Fact or fiction? earlier per Throwback Thursday Ice Cube was in the 64 Chevy Impala  that circled the block, cutting the corner!! now he’s dealing with the Trump on some kind of Platinum Plan so what’s up man? jokers need to check that grammar and diction!! or as Pops liked to say watch your mouth!

Jokers getting foul with ya? might even be  part of your circle that didn’t rock! now down here in the ATL talking about Blacks for Trump! unknowing participants in these October surprises? these jokers are funny in the south!

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