Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Finding A Portal To Slide Through PT.4

Find you a portal to slide through!! but keep your glasses on; you'll get in trouble with the
blind ambition! 

Its stereotypical; Eastern Europe? Yemen, Afghanistan or Gitmo will play a new rendition!

Its stereotypical; folks lock doors and clutch purses when they see a brotha like me around!

Its stereotypical; radio stations play the same songs; what have they done to the sound?

As we get will ya!! brothas in an alternative universe...underground railroad riders like Harriet Tubman!

As we get with ya !! the train of though is rolling!! will it derail like endeavors put down by the Dr. Malachi York and the Nuwaubians down in Georgia? the County was Putnam!

....Not knocking another mans hustle; too busy making next level maneuvers; check the moves that are made when minding and tending!

Mentioned earlier; we're dropping this good word plus beat blending!

Finding a portal to slide through; in the mothership?  the universe I ride through! just got back from Pluto! !

Knowing what the sport will do; Casey Anthony will go free but I have to be careful even though old dude told need to go for what you know!

Missions should be aborted....whatcha trying to do?  they asked a brotha.

Impressions advise taken; we kept on pushing not worried about another.

They should be worried about me after checking the by product and the results!

Its all positive!! check the message; not about doomsday like those cults!

Whose inhaling fumes through the HVAC system? now they happy feelings like Frankie Beverly and Maze! 

Whose failing or succeeding ? happy go lucky!!  dealing with the ongoing summer madness; finding a portal to slide through. even though it's like the dust storm in Arizona...they're on ya!! the smoke and mirrors the maze!!

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