Monday, July 18, 2011

Using Diversionary Tactics...Making It Harder Than It Has To Be?

What it do? a bruh is using diversionary tactics during the aggravated assault; not trying to end up like the phone hacking I go for what I I have an alibi!

What it do? what's up with it? peeping game..the evolutionary process was smooth and erratic...word from Rupert Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks...dealing with high and low tech crooks...did we make it harder than it had to be?..please don't lie!

Revolutionary processes take place; not changing answers on test like Atlanta teachers..check the steady bombardment of the enemy position that takes place..fanatics get hit up for what they brought forth!

Prayers needed from Atlanta preachers?  please...who hit up the treasury? profits were offshore..whose breaking a little something off and so on and so forth?

As we go forth!! was feeling sluggish or lethargic due to pain and pleasure battles; now shaking it off..moving forward! 

Whats up with this? the mothership is taking off on intergalactic journeys exercising power like a forward!

How will a fanatic act? what were the codes and keys? rolling in a Death Cab With Cuties? or maybe in Vancouver rolling in a Death Cash Cab....or in the last hour rolling like a coward; did we make things harder than they had to be?

The mode will be discrete....I wasn't fronting..but dude said I was missing something..told him it is what it is..and it's gonna be what it's gonna be!!

Learned during Taxi Cab Chronicles? what God has for me is for me!! plus he will bless you with what your supposed to get!

The Devil is a liar!! he told us nothing was ours..why chase it? were supposed to quit or forfeit!

Some forget that history can repeat itself; we need to do the mathematics!

I summed up the consequences...peeped the debatable circumstances now using diversionary tactics!

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