Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Turbulence

How will we work this? trying to land back on earth after intergalactic voyages like the Space Shuttle Atlantis; but encountering turbulence.

Whats it all worth? life is hectic!! some are on a dollar chase; even talking about raising the debt ceiling... soon encountering the debatable circumstance!

Being built or torn down? taking a chance dealing with a fanatic..will they blow things up like Oslo? whatcha know? soon getting caught out there!

Visions revealed after doing the mathematics; now ready to swing on haters with the sonic we fight's like baby girl was soon heard saying;  life ain't  fair!

As we go there....bringing the light back...but you know opposition is met..somebody will try to throw pie in our face like they tried to get Rupert Murdoch; but he had his ride or die chick with him!

Some were sick of it all like Amy Winehouse...R.I.P..what's the deally? did we end up with shit all over us? I guess because of the shit were in!

Talking about going in getting it in!! so now what's happening? do we need Captain America to help us?  now were in a lot of turbulence!

Cursing up a storm then praying at the same time!!  hoping the Lord can work a miracle; you know He will...even though were caught in a hot mess!

Somebody might be able to feel this..feeling the turbulence like it's a bumpy ride at Six Flags..more drama than Libya!!

Breakbeat science is dropped to let you know what the deal we get real with ya!!

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