Thursday, July 07, 2011

We Were Under Attack....

We were under attack from all angles; on all's like Libya... forces are scattered!

But we bring it back; ignored a hater from Boston who strangles...asked me whats the deal with ya? life's college we took courses that mattered!

....Of course we were bruised and battered; some will flee like over in Hama in is messy like that!

Of course this breakbeat science is dropped; used after scattered thoughts were collected..telling you its like this and like that!

Discussions are had about the debt ceiling...meanwhile thoughts were collected like collection agencies telling you its all about the money!

The Sonic Assault connected with the O-Dog Podcast; we're not comedians; not a damn thing is funny!

Hell was caught per Natalie Cole, but we had that hip hop soul jazz and funk!

Hell caught on frontlines in spiritual warfare when we fought; ATLiens getting crunk?

Hostages were getting in the trunk!! wrapped in duct tape...please!! we had to pull it out!

Postage with this? aka going postal..please!! the structure is falling apart; whose in charge? we had to call a fool out!

Like Obama vs Trump;  getting over the hump!! now its cool out here!

But drama is not too far behind per Casey doesn't we kept our guard up wasn't hard up; even though peace is hard to find!

Please!!  its hard out here for mine and yours; the saga struggle continues!

Please!! those bruised and scarred up ate off the chefs menus!

But the chef was from hells kitchen per Chef Ramsey..waiters led those eating into the darkness!

We left earth for a minute now were back on the Mothership where will we park this?

Just got back from Plutonian Intergalactic Journeys...brought the brand new funk back with us....

Plus we have this good word plus we pray..that's how we repel the attack...that's how we make it through this...

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