Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summing Up The Consequences...Once Again..

As usual a bruh is doing the mathematics; I had to sum up the consequences!

Acting like I knew!! but I had to Return To Forever to consult with the Sorceress!

That was word from WCLK 91.9 here in Atlanta..understand a bruh? just doing the forensics; now check the rhetoric as we get to the source of this and that!

Making sense of this and that though; life is hectic!! drama is like Syria's..who can bear witness to this and that?

Some are mad at a bro because I didn't get with this and that..please!! I wasn't a clone!

I was playing it like this and like that and a during the critical stages of development;  understand a bruh?...we're facing conflicts like Cowboys and Aliens!! flowing through the stream of consciousness; but played like I was in Libya in a no fly zone!

Getting fly in danger zones from the ATL to Louisville?  please!! that just makes us a target!

The I-20 Chronicles revealed that from Birmingham to Memphis jackers took a census; now they're ready to start it!
Whatcha know about the Dirty South?  OutKast is saying the wrong picture is being painted....but we're knowing how the pain can get..we're in the heart of it; but the drama goes down worldwide!

Whatcha know about it? it goes down from Kandahar to Sudan to Yemen; on out to Somalia  where rebels say the drought is a what's the deally..whose ready to ride?

Whatcha know about it? we had to sum up the consequences....please!! freedom riders in different jurisdictions have a story to tell!

Please!! check the circumstances.. make the wrong move in a hostile territory? its easy to fail!

But like Nas it ain't hard to tell; the hostile takeover is in full effect as we sum up the consequences!

Were under attack; but we did the we fight back!! haters get hit with the Sonic blackjack; we refuse to be victims of circumstances!

Fanatics we're trying to cut up like the Republican controlled House of Representatives..their debt ceiling plan failed.. it was disappointing just like Tropical Depression Don...

What's the deal? these brothas had to sum up the once again it's on!!

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