Wednesday, July 27, 2011


.....Its on and we fight back...sonic blackjacking....we get it cracking! ...

Steady bombardment of the enemy position!! bombing like Norway but not hitting up innocent bystanders....just interlopers and highlanders...who'll understand us? I hear cheap car and home alarms going off!!  like a crackhead was breaking and entering!

It's on like Cowboys and Aliens!! as we whatcha saying? please!! these Breakbeat Scientists have done it once again!! the action? we're all up in the middle...we were able to solve the riddle!

DNA or genetic codes were mapped like the human genome project ; but we knew some would hate...we heard the prosecution object!! meanwhile the brotha O-Dizzle did his thizzle!

Now that's the dizzle!! peeped game...seeing what it do...some were acting like they knew....but we see how some plans fizzled..meanwhile we dipped through the galaxy.....exposing the fallacy...we did the knowledge...we studied the Dark Mystery of Time and Space!

Dark matter aka the God Particle is studied like Hadron Colliders; even Putin's talking about getting one for Russia..what's up with us?  these freedom riders are on the case!

Sparking matters with random thoughts that were scattered but now collected  like delinquent accounts by collection agencies!

Parking motherships down here on earth with beats from Pluto with the frequency modulated!! hitting up spots where flagrant agents will be!

Blackjacking!!  but its not 21 at casinos from Vegas to Atlantic City; from the Gulf Coast to Tunica!

Its on and cracking from North and South Cakalacka to the Bay Area in Cali; from Johannesburg to Louisville / Newburg....whose acting brand new with ya?

...Said they had a joke for ya like Katt Williams..but his bodyguard shot the dog.. now there's beef like Jillian Reynolds and Kat Von D... 

Meanwhile we proceed and's on and cracking...any beef? the Brotha O-Dog will lock and load..following the street code..he's what will the response be?

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