Friday, July 15, 2011

Using New and Old Tools of The Trade...

Mechanical engineering is taking and old tools of the trade combine to make this product!

Still dealing with loathing and fearing..everything is not working..even the Dow Jones executive new and old fools combine to contribute to the chaos and confusion; then they want question this conduct!

Sweating the techniquelike Eric B and Rakim referred to; just because so called powers that be weren't deferred to!

Outlooks are bleak for some, approaching Armageddon.. out in LA it's even called Carmageddon with 405 being worked on...please!! is hectic!!  plus visions are blurred too!

Will the bad karma get them? how did some try to roll? some were boisterous..their speech is slurred too;others are it's like Cantor vs Obama..I heard the belligerence!

Tires screeched from the hooptie during the getaway..some dipped on bikes like Hushovd at the Tour De France... what occurred during the smoke and mirror show? where you at?  fates were altered by ecological ignorance!

Whose trying to make a difference? old dude up in Louisville said its a rat race; plus its a dog eat dog world!

Whose fake with this or that? but said they on the case....but things jump off like its Syria..some get dogged out after the drama unfurled!

Whose in the database? was it hacked into by Murdoch and his crew?  meanwhile guns blast and rocks get hurled like the Middle East!

Whose that in my face? are they real compared to what like Les McCann?  truth or dared when the madness never ceased!

Whose spared during the latest episode? but not pleased about the outcome!

Whose scared?  but others show courage...O-Zone tried to encourage..while O-Dizzle pulled out the drum!

Now the factory will hum like it's old school Detroit or Pittsburgh as mechanical engineering takes place...

Positivity...that's what the main factor will be...I kept those that were loathing and fearing out of my face.......

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