Thursday, July 21, 2011

We Were Under Attack Pt.3

Operations were sabotaged; who introduced the glitch in the matrix?  we were under attack!

..Plus obligations had us overwhelmed!! raising the debt ceiling wont help; but we managed to survive; we have the knack!

Rations were low; resources were scarce like peak oil!!  plus old reliables were slacking!

Even had to get rid of my Filas; they fell  apart!! little homie said they haven't been hitting since the 90's!!!  of course life is messy;  plus haters test me by GPS tracking!

Please!! whose macking? po pimping with Nike Air Maxs...Sean John jeans and a Mecca polo style shirt..will it work? I'm down here in the ATL with the Don Dadas and Dimes; the wannabe macks and divas!

Whose really stacking chips? will it be a Greek Tragedy?  please!! everybody is in debt !! life is hectic..but they say your hating if your one of the non believers!

.....Or accused of being down with underachievers because you didn't take Goodie Mobs advice!

Physical and Mental muscle used?  getting out and getting you something!! even in the hood a jacker steady mobs; it ain't nothing nice!

Everything has a price; something is acquired but something is lost!

It ain't nothing nice!!  the shot clock expired fifteen minutes of fame are over; we can't roll more Space Shuttle flights like its time to pay up!

....Now were under attack because we refused to play the game by their rules; is that word from Al-Shabab?  meanwhile in the game were not  taking all the shots like Russell Westbrooks...but we're not running their offense; we scored off the dunk or lay up! were under attack....on the strength like Al B Sure..but we had the cure...we pray up in this piece..that's how we make it!

We were under attack; but survival? we have the knack... let the healing process begin!! were gonna make it!

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