Monday, July 04, 2011

The I-20 Chronicles PT.13...Carolina Cruising..

Dipping down I-20 towards Columbia / Sumter South Carolina...what's up with a bruh? tapping and texting on the Samsung; similar to guns clapping at the complex thing!

....Rolling up like Wiz Khalifa....strapping that thing with grey duct tape; now its made ready to move on to the next thing!

Not the next king to fall like Gaddafi; that's what's up y'all!! not experimenting with crash landings like Prince William of Wales.. falling off!! that's what these Babylonians want to see!

Down with the King per Run DMC; dipping down I-20 in the hooptie..rolling through Columbia listening to Prince Ice on the mix..similar to running through these danger zones with a machete like big homie did at Turners!
.....Up in Newburg / Louisville;  it was way too real!! other cats had burners!

They had tasers like intergalactic storm troopers on Transformers Dark Side Of The Moon; that had more than high voltage like these Dekalb County Georgia authorities!

Meanwhile lunatics were just storm chasers; the truth eluded them!!  but that's business as usual in hostile territories!

As I tell these stories I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee per Muhammad Ali!

The mothership is a billion stories up in the air!! Herbie Hancock's Butterfly plays in the background; feel me!

A brotha gets scientific; a hater knocks this fly guys hustle.. asking me whats the deally?

The dark mystery of time and space is studied; egos were bruised and bloodied due to the dark matter; scientific like hadron colliders; once a Big Willie!

A dark history updated; still a freedom rider as we celebrate fifty years!

As I park this mothership down on earth; noticing my folk still shed tears!

Some still battle irrational fears; they didn't study the dynamics!

Meanwhile were local international and intergalactic; check the aerodynamics!

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